1970 HEMI Road Runner

Factory R Code, FY1 Yellow, PS, PB, Disc Brakes, Rallye Wheels, 3:55 Suregrip, Air Grabber, Hood Mounted Turn Signals, Non Matching 472 HEMI with factory carbs & headers.

This car is one of 16 HEMI Automatic Hardtop Road Runners built & was professionally restored by www.rbyj.com "Restorations By Julius". This is a show quality car that is occasionally driven and enjoyed. This car is bad to the bone & nothing like a stroker motor for a tire smoker. It has been featured in Books by famed Mopar Author Robert Genant. $150K OBO...

Contact Dave at sixpack@gte.net or call 714-742-2832 for more details.

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